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Die Cut, Laser Cut, and Water Jet Cut Components

We can solve all your component cutting problems. Give us your gasket specifications and we will immediately review the best and lowest cost method of fabricating it.

We can provide parts cut from a computer numerically controlled laser or water-jet machine. This cutting edge technology provides a precise and accurate part. Depending on your specific part, we will determine the best method to cut it. We are capable of cutting parts by hand, die cutting, laser cutting or water-jet cutting.

The water-jet machine cuts all non-metallic material up to two inches thick. The water-jet machine operates by running highly pressurized water and high velocity water through a tiny hole to cut through any non-metallic material.

The advantages of water-jet cutting are:

  • High level of precision and accuracy +/- .005”
  • Cost efficiency, no tooling charges
  • Time efficiency
  • Smoother surface finish
  • No heat related distortion to material
  • Large cutting bed, 6’ x 8’, allows for ease production of larger gaskets
  • Multi-directional cutting
  • Minimizes material loss.
  • Cuts thickness up to a couple inches thick depending on material.

  • Laser cutting can be done on non-metallic components up to 52" X 100" and leave a smooth finished edge. Custom laser engraving uses a series of dots similar to a dot matrix printer. Images can be put onto wood, some plastics, glass, cultured marble, metal and other materials.