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Polyurethanes are one of the toughest, most abrasion resistant, engineered "rubbers" in existence today.

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It out performs all other rubber type materials in mechanically abusive environments. We have materials available which are less than 10 Shore A durometer (softer than human skin) and hard as 90 Shore D durometer (a very hard plastic), (refer to durometer chart). Many of our industrial components are made using aliphatic polyurethane which is water, UV and ozone resistant. This material is ideal for use in the outdoor environment. Many specialty materials are also available: water clear materials, flubber type materials, conductive materials (thermally and electrically), FDA approved, etc. Polyurethanes are easily process colored to any desired color.


  • In general, they are stronger, tougher and more durable than conventional elastomers and plastics.
  • Last up to 50 times longer than conventional elastomers in abrasive environments. They are ideally suited for applications where the rubber components see severe abuse.
  • Have higher load bearing capacities than any conventional rubber and are ideally suited for high load bearing wheels, metal forming pads, shock pads, machine mounts and heavy duty couplings.
  • Highly impact resistant - while conventional plastic materials tend to become more brittle as you go up the hardness scale polyurethanes remain elastic. They resist fracture even in the hardest formulations and are ideal for components subject to high impact or repeated impingement.
  • Extremely versatile material - polyurethanes are formulated to be softer than 10 Shore A durometer to as hard as 90 Shore D (as soft as human skin to as hard as bone) (see durometer chart) and can be used at continuous temperatures up to 225° F (material specific). Our aliphatic materials are formulated to be water, ozone and UV resistant as well as being widely resistant to oil, grease and chemicals.